Sintering2023 ~The International Conference on Sintering 2023~


Participants can select one of the following three tours:

The number for each tour is limited.
Please understand that the first-come, first-served basis.
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1. Nature Exploration Tour - Mt. Ibuki Capacity of 80 people

Mt. Ibuki, the highest peak in Shiga Prefecture with an altitude of approximately 1,377 meters, is cherished by residents as one of Japan's top 100 mountains. Since there are no taller mountains in the area, reaching the peak provides a breathtaking panoramic view. On clear days, you can see Lake Biwa to the west, and the Suzuka Mountain range to the south.

From mid-July to the beginning of August, the summit of Mt. Ibuki becomes a vibrant and colorful flower field as alpine plants bloom abundantly. There are three hiking trails from the parking lot located at an altitude of 1,260 meters to the summit, allowing you to enjoy the hiking while observing the surrounding nature.

2. Japanese Tradition Tour - Sake Brewery and Swordsmith Museum Capacity of 40 people

This tour includes a visit to old sake breweries in Gifu. An authentic sake brewer will guide you through the step-by-step process of making sake, allowing you to learn about the brewing and fermenting techniques.

You will also explore the Udatsu Wall Historical District, which features merchant houses from the Edo and Meiji periods (1603-1912). "Udatsu" refers to the fireproof walls constructed with raised edges on both ends of roofs to prevent the spread of fires. Mino City, known as a merchant town during the Edo period, still preserves many of these "udatsu" structures.

The tour also includes a visit to the Seki Traditional Swordsmith Museum. This facility preserves the art of swordsmithing that has been passed down for 700 years. Swordsmiths in Seki continue to produce Japanese swords using the traditional forging style passed down for centuries. At the museum, you can witness a live demonstration of Japanese sword forging, complete with the captivating sight of flying sparks.

3. Omotenashi Tour - Japanese Culture and Hospitality Experience Capacity of 30 people

This tour offers an immersive experience in Japanese culture and hospitality:

Hotozan Gokurakuji Temple: This Jodo sect temple was constructed over 400 years ago. Adorned with seasonal flowers, it provides a serene space and is popular as a healing place. Here, you can engage in activities such as matcha tea, origami, and calligraphy, allowing you to connect with the essence of Japanese traditions.

Gifu Great Buddha: Completed in 1832 after 38 years of construction, the Gifu Great Buddha is one of Japan's Three Great Buddha Statues and is the largest lacquer-made statue in the country. The gentle expression that seems to be smiling at us, and the serene interior of the Great Buddha Hall, create a truly healing space.

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