Sintering2023 ~The International Conference on Sintering 2023~


The technical program covers sintering of all classes – from powder materials through invited and contributed talks – and includes poster presentations and special programs designed to facilitate discussion among participants. Program topics include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Fundamental aspects of sintering
  • Modeling and simulation of sintering at multiple scales
  • Sintering of multi-material and multi-layer systems
  • Microstructural evolution in sintering processes
  • Novel sintering processes
  • Field assisted sintering
  • Stress-assisted sintering
  • Sintering phenomena in additive manufacturing
  • Sintering of nano-structured materials
  • Sintering of electronic materials
  • Sintering in emerging energy and bio applications
  • Chemical interactions during sintering
  • In-situ measurements and analysis of sintering
  • Materials informatics of sintering
  • Sintering for low carbon society
  • Other sintering-related topics
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